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You`re entering now the genealogy of the familyname Brugge and Brügge. The familyname Brugge  originates from Germany and spreaded itselves through Groningen in a period of 300 years into the rest of the Netherlands and far beyond. The Brugge-branch is very much related to shipping in Germany as well in the Netherlands

You can make use of my e-mail address for all of your questions or suggestions. I hope that you will tell me about your experiences about this site, so I can organize and approve these pages and, as I hope, you`ll visit my site again.

You`ll find thousands of other names who are, in one way or another, connected with the familyname Brugge. Therefore, it`s a pleasure for me to invite you to take a look in all of the research I did.

The information is, due to privacy, only available for Brugge's and close relatives and their partners.

If you have any supplementations to my research/information, or photographes and certificates, don`t harm to contact me.

I thank you in advance!

Jan Brugge


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